2Blade Productions strives to bring you clear, easy watching, fishing and hunting footage, captured over the shoulder as it happened, from in and on the water, and from off the land.

2Blade Productions DVDs are packed full of action from start to finish, capturing all the strikes and a few techniques used to hook some of Australia’s most sought after native fish, along with closing the gap to well within the effective shooting distance for a hunter on a variety of game, both local and international. You will see first hand how effective the bow and a well-placed arrow can be with the right gear and with plenty of practice and patience. Watch and learn different animal habits and what a hunter sees and does to get in close. All impact shots are shown, along with a few techniques, do’s and don’ts, most of which are shown and explained along the way.

Hogs of Oz Hogs of Oz 2 Hogs of Oz 3 Deer Addiction
Hogs of Oz Hogs of Oz II Hogs of Oz III Deer Addiction
Deer Addiction II Deer Addiction II Edge of the Divide Feral Game 1
Deer Addiction II Deer Addiction III Edge of the Divide &
Hooked on Bowhunting
Feral Game
Feral Game 2 Feral Game 3      
Feral Game II Feral Game III