Edge of the Divide & Hooked on Bowhunting

Edge of the Divide

Rated MA 15+ (hunting violence)
Run time 55 minutes each<
Price: $20au

Get two earlier released films from the 90’s, now released on the same DVD!

“Edge of the Divide” is an hour of full on bow hunting action captured as it happened along the edge of the Great Dividing Range in northern NSW. Over 50 feral animals taken on film.

“Hooked” sees us travelling a little further a field once the bow hunting bug get holds of you. Features hunts in Cape York targeting boars and scrub bulls. A trip to South Africa hunting plains game the likes of warthog and wildebeest. Witness the roar of the red deer in the Brisbane Valley and watch a few new bow hunters on their first hunts taking goats and pigs.