A little bit about 2Blade Productions


Having been brought up on the land from the age of 7 has seen me spend countless hours in the Aussie bush watching and dealing with both the native and introduced wildlife. I was interested in most animals from an early age, especially those from other continents and I spent plenty of time with my head in books or watching whatever documentaries came on TV, soaking up and learning what I could.

My father was a pro shooter back in the 60’s and I too kept the local rabbit and fox population at bay with the use of traps and rifles when I was at school back in the 80’s, which in turn helped out my bank balance greatly. In my teenage years I started hunting pigs with the rifle and was thinning out the population on a couple of blocks I had access to. Around that time a few of the older kids at school, Steven Coote, Robert Jones and Jamie Bradshaw had been nailing a few rabbits, foxes and the odd pig with the bow, and soon grew an urge for a new challenge for me to try.

I finally bought my first bow when I was around 16 years old. I spent many hours practising until I was confident I could consistently hit what I aimed at. It was then time to try and hunt a few rabbits. I can still remember the first shot I took at an unsuspecting bunny licking his paws and grooming his fur at the entrance of his burrow late one arvo. At a little under 20 paces that arrow flew true and took him threw the shoulders. Since then, and growing up a little, I’ve travelled further a field and experienced what a few different countries had to offer and took on some of the animals that roam their lands with my bow. Being there and seeing a variety of different animals in their natural environments and watching them going about there business was, and still is, a great eye opening experience for me. But to me, the searching and finding or choosing of that one mature animal that catches the eye to try and match your wits against is where the challenge begins, but is only the first part of the journey. Trying to close the gap to within 30 yards of your selected target and wait for, or getting the chance to make the perfect shot to seal the deal is an indescribable feeling that I’m sure only hunters can relate to. Not just one of satisfaction but also out of the utmost respect for the life of the animal you have just taken.

Learning and respecting different animals traits and dealing with what nature dishes out in a variety of environments and terrains, is still what makes a lot of us tick. Not wanting to let go of our survival instincts or turn our backs on what our ancestors experienced as hunters and gatherers, which in turn set the foundations from which the human race has evolved from and which has been passed on from generation to generation ever since. Hunting and fishing fills that urge that still flows in our blood today and feels as natural to me as water does to a fish.